Persian and oriental rugs are exotic and stunning and are a great addition to any home or space. These rugs are handmade and with proper care can last for decades. They look beautiful and when placed correctly, they become an eye-catching centerpiece to any room in which they are present. When you purchase and use a Persian or oriental rug, your friends, family and neighbors will come over to ooh and ahh at your good taste.

Persian and Oriental Rug Shopping Tips

Although Persian and oriental are often expensive, the best ones are well worth the money paid, and are a fine example of the fact that when buying high-quality products, you get what you pay for. When shopping for one, there are several factors you should look for and consider.

First, you should evaluate your rug seller. Check reviews and look for reliable sources and established businesses. There are many knock-offs and fakes out there and many Persian and oriental buyers find themselves victims of bait and switch situations or end up with rugs with shoddy workmanship. It’s vital that when buying an antique Persian or oriental rug that you first determine that it is real.

Learn the lingo and know what you are seeking. Examine the overall quality of the rug and inspect the fineness and density of the knots. Know how the rugs are made, and when considering the amount you wish to spend, be aware that it can take over a year of several artisans working together to complete even a medium-sized rug.

Ask a lot of questions and arrive with measurements in hand. The rug you purchase will be in your home for many years and may be passed down for several generations. Make sure you know what you want, and know what you are getting into before heading out on your shopping quest.

Benefits of Buying a Persian or Oriental Rug 

Besides their obvious beauty, there are many reasons that investing in a Persian or oriental rug is a good idea. Read on to discover some motivations you may not have previously considered.

Increasing Value

It’s rare that you can purchase an item, use it daily, and have it actually increase in value over time, but Persian and oriental rugs tend to do just that. Whether you buy an item that is already an antique or buy a new one created in the present day, when well taken care of, your rug will be worth more in the future than it is right now. 

Furthermore, the care of these rugs is actually quite simple. To keep your rug beautiful and to help it retain and gain value, vacuum yours frequently to help combat the compacting of fibers from heavy traffic. Also, keep them out of direct sunlight and put down padding underneath them. Spot clean when there are spills or dust, and splurge on a professional washing every three to five years for best results.

Full of History

Whether you buy an antique Persian or oriental rug or buy one that is made by hand in the traditional manner from today, you will have a piece of history in your home. An antique rug could have come from anywhere and has “seen” so much; it’s fun to speculate about the past lives of antique decor. If you purchase a recently completed rug, you are still grasping the past in a way, too. Rugs made today are made by the same methods as those of old, with skills passed down over time from generation to generation of artisans.

Made with Natural Fibers

Today’s mass-produced rugs are often made from synthetic fibers and dyes and are full of toxins and allergens. Most Persian and oriental rugs are made of wool, cotton or silk that has been dyed using traditional, natural materials. This is environmentally friendly and safe; because they contain no harsh modern chemicals, they are generally not very flammable, either.

Support of Artists

The high demand for products today has resulted in high production which often takes the dedicated, slow-working artisan out of the equation. By buying a Persian or oriental rug, you are helping this centuries-old craft to continue now and in the future. That’s something to feel good about.

Long-term Durability

Persian and oriental rugs are made by hand with quality materials and they will last a lifetime and beyond. When you purchase one, you are not just purchasing it for yourself and your home, but for generations of your descendants in the future as well. These rugs last a very long time and grow in sentimental value over the years for you and your family.


Rugs like these never go out of style. They were popular hundreds of years ago, and they are still appreciated by people of all walks of life today. Their patterns are colorful and intricate and they mesmerize the viewer. It’s easy to get lost in the depth of a Persian or oriental rug, and they are attractive to all ages. These rugs are truly timeless and look just as beautiful in a home today as they did in centuries past.

Buy a Persian or Oriental Rug

It’s clear that Persian and oriental rugs will add more to your life and happiness than other types of home decor, and so there’s no reason you should hesitate in going out and getting one or more for your home or other space. Buying complex and unique items like these can be daunting, though, and it helps to have someone in the know on your side. If you have questions about making an investment in a Persian or oriental rug, we at New York’s Fred Moheban Gallery are here to help.

Our fine rug gallery has been in business since 1960, so we have over half a century of experience in rugs of all kinds. Please give us a call today to discuss our collection and your questions. We are more than happy to assist, and we greatly look forward to hearing from you.