It is important to find a highly skilled artisan when considering antique restoration. We are fortunate to have a number of experienced restorers who use their skills to produce accurate reproductions of vintage carpets. We take special care to ensure that the individuality of each antique rug is meticulously preserved during the repair procedure. While some carpets and rugs only require the surface pile to be rewoven, our professionals can expertly reweave the foundation as well. The time taken to repair your carpet depends largely on the extent of rug restoration that is necessary.

If you are in need of our antique rug repair services, one of our polite employees will be pleased to go over our restoration procedure with you and set up a time for our specialists to examine your carpet and start the repair procedure. Feel free to call us at 212-397-9060 or use our contact page for more information about restoring your carpet.  We offer a wide variety of cleaning and restoration services to accommodate your needs.