Check out this week’s Fred Moheban Gallery featured rug.


Type: Antique South Persian Lavar Kerman Rug.

Measurements: 6.6′ X 4.8′

Date: circa 1870

Color|Design: Stunning rare color combination with a pale blue background and intricate pattern.

Fred Moheban Suggestions:  This piece would make a perfect addition to any private collection or serve as a gorgeous statement piece to any interior.




This week’s Fred Moheban Gallery featured rug is an antique Lavar Kerman from South Persia circa 1870. It is extremely, finely woven with a rare, superb color combination on a pale blue ground. It was woven by a true master weaver for an Amir, who was a governor of Persia at the time. Note the highly stylized calligraphy and the crisp detail of the drawing. In order for that to be, the rug needs to be extremely finely woven and can be seen in the execution of the weave. The quality of wool used is as soft as velvet, and it is one of the finest Lavar Kerman’s we have seen. It would be a wonderful addition to any important private collection or a beautiful statement piece in any interior.

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