Are you wondering how to mix in your antique rug into your modern living room? Decorating a modern living room with an oriental rug can be a little tricky and hard to pull off but possible.

There is no rule that says that modern and antique cannot mix, in fact, blending the two together can give your home a very unique look and feel that many will love.

Interior decorating is all about balance and proportions and this applies to the colors, shapes, styles, and texture. Mixing an antique rug with a modern living room is one of the best ways to achieve this balance and proportion.

Here are a few tips that you can use to decorate your modern room with your oriental rug.

1. Get The Perfect Size

Antique rugs come in different sizes and you can always get the perfect size for your living room. Whether you want a small or a room size rug you need to work with one that fits well.

A good equation to work with is taking away 2 or 3 feet from the width and length of your room when you do this you will end up with a good-sized rug that will create the perfect balance.

2. Place It On Top Of Your Carpet

If you already have a wall-to-wall carpet in your house, you do not have to get rid of it. Simply place your antique rug on top of it and it can even help cover up any stains or any worn out parts on your carpet. The color of the rug should also complement the carpet.

Doing this will not only freshen up the living room but will also make it glow and add a touch of life to your living space.

3. Go Monochromatic

Another way to mix in your oriental rug without it radiating boldly in your modern living room is by going monochromatic. You can color your room with inspiration from the rug, and work your furniture and decor around it too.

This is especially if your antique rug has a very bold pattern. Working around its colors will help tone it down leaving it with just the right amount of attention. This is because the same colored background and will make it soft.

4. Blend It Into Existing Décor

If your living room is already designed to your taste but you still want to add in an antique rug, do not worry because oriental rugs come in many hues that you can easily blend in. You can be sure to get the right rug and make sure your rug works for your modern living room.

Oriental rugs can also fir in a bohemian or eclectic look. You should be careful not to go overboard. These rugs work best with metal and wood.

5. Choose The Right Color Of Furnishings

Keeping your furnishings as neutral as possible is always a good way to go with your decor. For a more subtle look, you can use neutral colors to make your antique rug have a softer look. However, this does not have to be the case always.

If you have a brightly colored couch or a brightly stained coffee table, your oriental rug will do just fine

You might have to use the color wheel for this to help you determine the complementary colors. In case your rug and couch still clash, throw in some decorative pillows on the couch to balance the rug and bring a new look to the room.

6. Complement Your Antique Rug With The Right Paint Colors

Antique rugs are always a good investment and many people who own them never want to give them up that easily. Because you intend to have your rug for long, you can paint your walls to complement it. This is not a common practice but the end will be amazing.

Choose a paint hue that will match the colors of your oriental rug perfectly. If painting the room is not in your financial budget, you can also get a wallpaper to match. When using wallpapers you need to be careful when choosing a wallpaper so that you do not end up with one that has decorations that contrast your carpet instead of complementing it.

7. Use It On Your Walls

Dare to be different by putting your rug on display. If you have a small-sized rug, you can choose to hang it perfectly on your walls like an artistic décor. Not all rugs have to be on the floor.

There are no limits to using oriental rugs when it comes to blending it in your modern house. This is one way to show out its beauty.

Oriental rugs look great in any room and add a touch of tradition to your modern living room making it look versatile. These rugs never go out of style.

You can work in your antique rug in different ways to style your modern home. Therefore, do not roll up and store or sell your precious rug because you have gone modern. If you love your piece, you will get a place for it.

Consider Using These Tips While Styling Your Modern Living Room with an Antique Rug

Creating the perfect blend of a traditional era with a modern one requires a very critical eye. Paying attention to the small things will come in handy when you are working on your antique rug in your modern living room.

When it comes to antique rugs do not be in a hurry to buy any that fits your bill. You want the right Oriental rug for your home.

We have a wide selection of oriental rugs from different times in history that you can choose from. Whatever color or size you want, you can be sure to find it in our store.

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