Antique Tribal Collectibles

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We offer collectible and/or decorative antique Oriental, Persian Rugs as well as Tribal Collectibles, Caucasian Collectibles, Antique China and many more rugs and carpets.

The collectible market of rugs and carpets is smaller in size than the decorative market but greater in enthusiasm. It is made up by those who collect rugs for various reasons– perhaps on the basis of region, time period, tribe or the like–but with the intent to acquire and display their rugs as pieces of art.

What makes each rug one of a kind is the cultural context in which it was created, and this context has a large bearing on style, colors and, consequently, collectibility. The most sought after rugs in today’s collector market are tribal rugs– those woven by nomadic peoples in Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan and elsewhere– and these are the most geometrical and abstract in their designs.

Antique Tekke Mouri Carpet
21608 / 6.0 x 13.0
Antique Turkoman Carpet
22008 / 7.0 x 18.0
Antique Turkeman Tribal Tent Band
20790 / 1.3 x 40.0