Antique Transylvanian

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The name of these antique rugs is more a matter of convenience than a description of their origin. These rugs were typically made by Ottoman weavers and nomads, but since Transylvania churches preserved them, that became their namesake.

The three most prominent types of antique rugs from the Anatolia region that have survived in Transylvania are single-niche, double-niche, and column rugs. Single-niche were typically used as prayer rugs and are identifiable by their large red niche.

Double niche rugs started with the mirroring of the single red niche, but soon weavers began to create distinct sections of the niche. Column rugs tend to have stylized and symbolic ‘columns’ with floral patterns along the border.

These rugs are hard to come by because most of them survive in Transylvanian (modern-day Romanian) churches. To request pricing or more information on a particular antique rug in our collection, fill out the short form on the rug’s individual page today.

Antique 17th Century Translyvania Rug
21896 / 3.9 x 4.6
Antique Transylvanian Bird Carpet
21584 / 7.0 x 12.7