Antique Silks

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Our fine inventory of Oriental, Persian Rugs, Antique Silks, and many more antique pieces, will give your space the uniqueness and comfort you've been dreaming of. By adding a fine antique piece to your home, office space, or desired area, you will be adding a touch of beauty with a splash of history.

The attraction of silk resides in the fineness of its fibers which are remarkably soft, as well as in it’s luminous, reflective quality. Because of this the effect of color on silk is far more intense and brilliant than the effect of the same dye on even the finest wool. Silk, however, is much more delicate and less durable than wool. Consequently, many less silk rugs are well preserved. This rarity, as well as the basic cost, places antique silk pieces among the most expensive rugs.

The carpets of the towns of Bijar and Senneh in Persian Kurdistan show perhaps most clearly the resourcefulness of the Kurdish weaver. When Senneh became a provincial capital in 1880, its weavers were challenged to create carpets of the much tighter weave, closely cut pile and clearly detailed design preferred by the newly arrived Persian gentry. They responded to this challenge magnificently, producing textiles, often of silk foundation, with a knot density rivaling that of the workshop products of the major cities. Nearby Bijar and the 40-odd villages which surround it were quick to follow. Geometric tribal designs were virtually abandoned in favor of the intricate Persian floral motifs such as the herati, mina khani, medallion-and-pendant and harshang patterns.

Antique Silk Chinese Rug
31016 / 5.1 x 8.3
Finely Woven Silk Kashan Carpet
30093 / 7.0 x 11.0
Antique Persian Silk Heriz Carpet
31033 / 7.5 x 11.5
Antique Tribal Tekke Silk Carpet
30353 / 8.4 x 11.9
Antique Silk Mohtasham Kashan Carpet
21217 / 8.5 x 12.4