Antique Caucasian Collectibles / Seychor

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We have a vast selection of beautiful antique pieces including Oriental, Persian Rugs and Carpets. Each Rug has a history woven right into it. Seychor Rugs are made in the small town of Yukhari-Zeykhur in Azerbaijan in the Caucasus. Seychor Rugs are also a subtype of the Kuba Rug. They are known for their great detailed designs and saturated colors. The cabbage rose and the seychour cross are the two patterns typically found on these rugs. Unlike other Caucasian rugs, antique Seychour rugs do not share the same symmetry in their borders.

Antique Caucasian Seychour Rug
30137 / 4.2 x 5.4
Antique Caucasian Seychor Rug
21963 / 3.9 x 6.3
Antique Caucasian Seychor Carpet
30141 / 6.8 x 13.2