Antique Caucasian Collectibles / Kazak

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Our Oriental, Persian Rugs and Carpets will give your room elegance. We are one of the largest suppliers in the area and hold many different types of antique rugs. Kazak Rugs are one of the most prized Caucasian Rugs. It's known for it's vivid colors, rich assertive, geometric drawings of people and animals. Their regional rugs also include symbolic motifs, dramatic medallions, angular cloud-bands and graphic latch hook. These rugs originated by a melting pot of cultures. These cultures included Armenian dyers and weavers, Azeri Turks, groups from Northern Caucasus and minorities from surrounding areas. The Kazak Rugs originated from the jagged mountains and rich valleys of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

Antique Caucasian Shield Kazak Rug
21980 / 5.11 x 7.11
Antique Caucasian Kazak Rug
21983 / 4.5 x 8.1
Antique Bordjalou Kazak Rug
31428 / 6 x 8.1
Antique Kazak Rug
30117 / 4.0 x 8.2
Vintage Kazak Rug
30305 / 4.0 x 8.4
Antique Caucasian Moghan Runner
21981 / 4.5 x 10.7
Antique Caucasian Kazak Runner
20338 / 5.0 x 11.3