Antique Jerusalem Bezalel

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Our vast selection of Oriental, Persian Rugs doesn't just stop there. We have a wide selection of Antique Jerusalem Besalel Rugs and Carpets to choose from. Along with many other antique pieces, they will make a joyful addition to your beautiful home. Did you know between the years of 1906 and 1931 many rugs were made in this school with mostly Jewish motifs and Art Nouveau styles?  This workshop was called “Marvadiah” (Marvad in Hebrew means carpet) and many of these rugs are inscribed either Bezalel or Marvadiah. Since the practice of carpet weaving started there under the Ottoman Empire, the construction and the color pallet of these rugs resembles many Anatolian rugs of the period. Also, Bezalel rugs woven in Israel often have Holy Land themes and display a blend of Jewish, Persian, Turkish and European styles. The construction and warm color pallet of Bezalel rugs resemble many Anatolian rugs of the Ottoman Dynasty.

Antique Jerusalem Bezalel Rug
21828 / 4.2 x 6.0