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We are one of the largest suppliers of exquisite Oriental, Persian Rugs and Antique Collection, including Antique Indian Rugs Did you know the earliest Mughal carpets from the 16th century reveal the heavy influence of Persian carpet weaving traditions? They were brought to India by Persian rug weavers. Unlike antique Agra carpets manufactured in the prisons of India, antique North Indian rugs were products of a cottage industry controlled by families of carpet weavers. With a knotted pile of the softest pashmina wool, the antique North Indian carpets originated and perfected by these weaving families, have to this day, rarely been equaled. While the rugs that were made during the late 19th century in India recall Mughal designs, for the most part, they were finely-knotted interpretations of both classical Indian and Persian designs, often in subtle color palettes to cater to European decorative preferences. The two main cities of late 19th century antique Indian carpet weaving are Agra and Amritsar. While Amritsar rugs are often whimsical, informal and in soft earthy tones, Agra rugs are frequently characterized by their deeper colors and fine weaves.

Antique Agra Carpet
21512 / 12.0 x 19.5
Antique Agra Carpet
21136 / 14.3 x 19.5
Antique Amritsar Carpet
23067 / 15.4 x 19.6
Antique Indian Carpet
21476 / 12.2 x 19.9
Antique North Indian Carpet
21433 / 11.0 x 20.0
Antique North Indian Carpet
30047 / 15.0 x 21.0
Antique Indian Agra Carpet
31699 / 14.1 x 21.4
Antique North Indian Carpet
21170 / 14.0 x 21.7
Antique Lahore Carpet
21047 / 18.0 x 21.7
Antique Agra Carpet
22108 / 17.1 x 22.6
Antique North Indian Carpet
21169 / 13.1 x 22.8
Antique Agra Carpet
21382 / 10.3 x 23.0
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