Antique Central Asian

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Our admirable large selection of Oriental, Persian rugs, Antique Central Asian rugs and carpet will bring life to your living space. Mamluk carpets are distinguished not only by their distinctive designs, but also by their lustrous wool, fine weave and soft, closely valued coloration dominated by pale greens, yellows and reds. A variant of the Mamluk production, sometimes termed “Paramamluk,” utilized allover patterns of smaller concentric hexagons, octagons, and squares – the so-called “Chessboard” carpets. Tibetan carpets from the 19th century (perhaps earlier, though mostly carpets from the 19th century survive) are relatively restrained in terms of design and coloring. Carpet makers, at the time, were being restricted to a narrow range of natural dyes. Those dyes included madder (red), indigo (blue), Tibetan rhubarb (yellow) and Tibetan walnut (browns and greys), with a few other local plants to produce yellow and greenish colors. Motifs consisted of two classes: the first type being simple geometric motifs such as the checkerboard and gau (amulet) design that probably formed part of an ancient Tibetan design repertoire, mingled with medallion designs and other motifs derived from Chinese decorative traditions. Tibetan rugs are of exceptional value considering all the works that take place to create the masterpiece. They are highly durable and radiate tremendous warmth during the cold winter months.

Antique Tibetan Carpet
21115 / 12.3 x 14.6
Antique Tibetan Carpet
21143 / 10.11 x 18.11
Antique Central Asian Mamluk Carpet
22063 / 19.5 x 23.0