Antique Central Asian

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Central Asian rugs are notable because of their pale green, red, and yellow color schemes. Their beauty lies in their simplicity. Weavers of central Asian rugs used small hexagons, octagons, and squares to create an all-over chessboard type design inside of defined borders around the edge of the rugs.

Most surviving carpets from central Asia are from the 19th century. Central Asian rugs are known for their value and importance in Tibetan culture. The region they come from required weavers to focus more on warmth than style. The Tibetan rugs may not use as many intricate designs as other rugs from this time, but they are still beautiful additions to any collection.

The main purpose of these rugs was for warmth instead of decoration. Collectors value these rugs because of their durability and the work that weavers put into making them, given their limited resources at the time. The limited availability of authentic Central Asian rugs makes them extremely valuable. To request pricing or more information on a particular rug in our collection, fill out the short form on the rug’s individual page today.

Antique Tibetan Carpet
21115 / 12.3 x 14.6
Antique Tibetan Carpet
21143 / 10.11 x 18.11