Antique Caucasian Collectibles

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Antique Caucasian rugs are masterpieces of nomadic peoples. These antique rugs were often used in nomadic homes, and styles vary based upon the area of the Caucasus region the weaver comes from. The rugs tend to focus on rich primary colors that achieve balance through the contrast of bold colors.

Even though these rugs fall under the name Caucasian, there is a deep diversity due to the nomadic nature of the people who made them and the natural evolution of weaving techniques. You can see the values and cultures of each nomadic group in these antique rugs.

They often feature geometric floral patterns, but can also feature an animal or dragon motif. These antique rugs are highly prized by collectors due to the skill of the Caucasian weavers and their value. To request pricing or more information on a particular rug in our collection, fill out the short form on the rug’s individual page today.

Antique Karabagh Runner
21696 / 3.3 x 20.4
Antique Karabagh Carpet
21644 / 6.3 x 20.4
Antique Karabagh Carpet
21677 / 7.0 x 20.6
Antique Caucasian Kuba Carpet
21676 / 7.1 x 21.2