Antique Caucasian Collectibles / Baku Khilla

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We have an extensive collection of our Oriental, Persian Rugs and Antique Baku Khilla Collection of Rugs and Carpets. Each elegant antique piece has a little bit of history woven into it. Did you know Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and came under Russian protection in 1723 under Alexander II? These antique rugs and carpets usually has single or multiples of stepped octagons often surrounded by a field of Botehs or sometimes in Kuba rugs, carnations. Traditionally in Khila rugs there may be small birds in-between flowers in the main border.

Antique Caucasian Baku Khilla Carpet
23393 / 5.9 x 9
Antique Caucasian Baku Khilla Carpet
31060 / 5.6 x 12.5