Carpet Weaving And The Standards of Excellence

The evolution of carpet weaving has followed an immutable pattern in every country where a long established weaving tradition has ever existed. The knotted carpet for instance was at first a functional artifact of nomadic origin that became the product of a flourishing cottage industry when nomadic weavers settled down to a sedentary and agricultural lifestyle. As cities got tired of these settlements, workshops were established and immediately began producing carpets in a grander manner.

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Persian Rugs And The Palmette


Persian Rugs And The Palmette

The palmette (“patterned” or “arabesque flower”) is widely known as one of the most popular Persian rug decorations
and you can find it in many rug designs around the world regardless of the country of origin.   Palmettes in Lori Pambak, Bijar and Shield Kuba
or Shirvan rugs (see above) may also be related to the Italian palmette.  It has been used primarily in floral style, including Tabriz, Qom, Kirman and Isfahan rugs.

The palmette is one of the most commonly used designs still used on all rugs, including Persians.  The design generally takes
the shape of a freely conventionalized motif resembling a flower without being a copy of any floral species.  The Palmette is alternated in
the patterns of the rug as border motifs.   In Ancient  Oriental art, the Palmettes that appeared also resembled a type of palm tree and derived from a lotus.

Below (left): Bricks with a Palmette Motif in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Below (right): Etruscan Terracotta Architectural Plaque with Lotus and Palmette Designs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Palmette        motif2

The Palmettes used on Persian rugs now a days are a little different.  Instead of being alternated and used as border motifs on rugs, the Palmette
is merely a spread and maneuvered around on the entire rug as the actual decoration.  The best thing about Palmettes is the fact that no two are exactly alike.

                                                      fotolia_100624432        Palmette

In the below image, you can see the different ways the design motif can be rendered, all depending on aesthetics of the culture
in which it was knotted and the weaver him or herself.  Below is an example of traditional designs for those wanting a fresher
interpretation of these classics.

So when you’re looking for a new rug, be sure to take a look at all of our Palmette designs that are offered to help maintain the originality of your home decor.



An Extra Touch To Mid-Century Modern with an Area Rug


Mid-Century Modern doesn’t just have to be about clean lines and simplicity.  Area rugs can simply add bold colors and a mix of texture and patterns, but they
also serve many other purposes.  Theses purposes include: warming up a space, softening the noise level and even defining spaces in the room.  To
achieve the look you can add one or two period pieces of furniture or go all out and go for kitsch.

Area Rugsipsters and Millennial’s have begun trying to capture the cool of the era and are scouring thrift shops and consignment stores for authentic
pieces after a major trend took off when the show Mad Men started airing on television.  Boomers are re-embracing the decor of their
childhood.  Consumers often look for rugs to either start their projects or implement existing schemes, often in addition to their collection of
furniture and accessories.

Area Rugs

While beautiful in their own simplicity, the lines and shapes of modern styles can be a bit sterile if there isn’t something to contrast
with them.  This is why bold patterns are great choices for traditional, tribal and even modern day rugs.  Geometric rugs are also a great
way to make your area stand out.

area6 area8 area7
Another two options that go with everything are area shag and animal print rugs.  See how the rugs below compliment the decor?

area2  area5
Consider the photo at the top of the page.  You have really great furniture, gorgeous light, and ample open space.  After seeing the area rugs
in the other pictures, wouldn’t you agree an area rug, whether tribal, shag or geometric, compliments the space nicely? We would love to hear what
you think in the comments below.

The Story of Antique Chinese Rugs

Antique Chinese rugs

Antique Chinese rugs

Antique rugs have quite a lot of history behind them. The art of making woven rugs and carpets goes far back into the musty realms of antiquity. Chinese rugs and carpets may have come from other countries such as Persia, Egypt and China. The first woven rugs were spoken of in Chinese annals so long ago that Chinese antique rugs may well have antedated those of any country.
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