Mid-Century Modern doesn’t just have to be about clean lines and simplicity.  Area rugs can simply add bold colors and a mix of texture and patterns, but they
also serve many other purposes.  Theses purposes include: warming up a space, softening the noise level and even defining spaces in the room.  To
achieve the look you can add one or two period pieces of furniture or go all out and go for kitsch.

Area Rugsipsters and Millennial’s have begun trying to capture the cool of the era and are scouring thrift shops and consignment stores for authentic
pieces after a major trend took off when the show Mad Men started airing on television.  Boomers are re-embracing the decor of their
childhood.  Consumers often look for rugs to either start their projects or implement existing schemes, often in addition to their collection of
furniture and accessories.

Area Rugs

While beautiful in their own simplicity, the lines and shapes of modern styles can be a bit sterile if there isn’t something to contrast
with them.  This is why bold patterns are great choices for traditional, tribal and even modern day rugs.  Geometric rugs are also a great
way to make your area stand out.

area6 area8 area7
Another two options that go with everything are area shag and animal print rugs.  See how the rugs below compliment the decor?

area2  area5
Consider the photo at the top of the page.  You have really great furniture, gorgeous light, and ample open space.  After seeing the area rugs
in the other pictures, wouldn’t you agree an area rug, whether tribal, shag or geometric, compliments the space nicely? We would love to hear what
you think in the comments below.